The essential joy of being with horses
is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.
--Sharon Ralls Lemon
Siri is a 7 year old OTTB mare standing at about 15.2 hands. She came to us as an owner surrender in July of 2012. She has a beautiful trot and a lovely canter. Siri requires an experienced rider as she is still fairly green. She is great on trail and is gaining more experience off property. Siri has tons of potential and is very athletic. An excellent project! ADOPTED
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Ashley is a 7 year old 13.3 hand Welsh/Morgan/Holsteiner cross registerable with the American Sport Pony Registry. Ashley goes w/t/c, is a beautiful mover and a fantastic jumper. Her sire is a registered section A Welsh Stallion named B.F. Oliver Twist. Her grand sire on her dam's side jumped 6' at the 100 day stallion testing. Ashley stands for tacking up, but seems to prefer females over males. She can be a bit jumpy. Ashley needs a gentle but firm hand under saddle. She needs work at keeping her gaits consistent as she tends to be on the speedy side, but she has excellent brakes. Currently jumping 3' ADOPTED
Horses Available for Adoption

Uno upon arrival
Photo Courtesy of Christina Padilla Photography
Uno was an owner surrender Standardbred gelding who was severely underweight when he arrived on 9/14/2012. Uno has since put on a lot of weight and has turned into an easy keeper. He is 22 years old with a lip tattoo and freeze brand. He is a sweetheart on the ground but is not sound for riding so he is available as a companion only. $1
Maika Me First
Maika is a 15.2 hand 1998 OTTB mare. Maika has excellent ground manners and enjoys attention. She is going w/t/c and over small fences. Intermediate rider needed at this time but has the potential to become a good lesson horse. Wears front shoes. Her primary need is conditioning work as she was out of work for 4 years. Very comfortable to ride. ADOPTED
Jonesy is a 22 year old Quarter Horse gelding who was used for team penning in his younger years. He is still sound for walk, trot, canter and enjoys being worked. Jonesy does have a mild case of navicular in his right front so he occasionally takes an off step. He gets along well with other horses, is an easy keeper, and has wonderful ground manners. He would make a good horse for the more advanced beginner rider seeing as he still has some get up and go. $1
Indigo Girl
Indie is a 10 year old Thoroughbred cross mare. She gets along very well with other horses and has a gentle disposition, however, she can have a bit of an attitude when it comes to the basics such as grooming. Indie thrives under gentle, but firm reinforcement. Currently, she is not suitable for riding but would make a great companion horse. $1
Tip Top Emperor
Monty is a 20 year old tattooed Thoroughbred gelding. He is an alpha horse and currently lives in a separate pasture but could possibly be a companion animal if introduced slowly to a new horse. He is sound, however, he has had chronic back soreness. He's currently in a lunging program to develop his back muscles in the hopes of allowing him to be rideable again. Monty has wonderful ground manners and is very calm and willing. $1